Idyllic setting surrounded by the peaceful South Devon Countryside.


Hillfield Village offers a range of luxury cottages, houses and apartments within its gated community, each finished to a high spec. Designed with a contemporary feel that enhances original features such as stone walls, arched doorways and high vaulted ceilings, each property is calm, light and airy. 

From two-bedroom sanctuary to grand five-bedroom houses, properties have a stylish neutral Farrow & Ball colour scheme, bespoke fittings and sociable living spaces.

With a tennis court, outdoor swimming pool and children’s play area, beautiful communal green spaces and walled gardens lined with roses and lavender, plus private courtyards to retreat to, you can find a spot to enjoy the peace and quiet. 


Current Availability

Hillfield Village is a private community within easy reach of the magnificent Dart Valley. A place to switch off and reconnect.

We have a select range of properties to purchase.





01. 1 The Drive (Sold)
02. 2 The Drive (Sold)
03. 3 The Drive
04. 4 The Drive (Sold)
05. The Barn (Sold)
06. 1 Coachman’s Cottage (Sold)
07. 2 Coachman’s Cottage (Sold)
08. 1 Keeper’s Cottage

09. 2 Keeper’s Cottage (Sold)
10. 3 Keeper’s Cottage (Sold)
11. 4 Keeper’s Cottage (Reserved)
12. 5 Keeper’s Cottage (Reserved)
13. Keeper’s Lodge (Sold)
14. Court Lodge (Sold)
15. 6 Court Cottage (Sold)
16. 5 Court Cottage (Sold)

17. 4 Court Cottage (Sold)
18. 3 Court Cottage (Sold)
19. 2 Court Cottage (Sold)
20. 1 Court Cottage (Sold)
21. Vantage Point (Sold)
22. 1 The Manor House (Sold)
23. 2 The Manor House (Sold)

24. 3 The Manor House (Sold)
25. 4 The Manor House (Sold)
26. 5 The Manor House
27. 6 The Manor House (Sold)
28. 7 The Manor House (Reserved)
29. 1 New Barn (Sold)
30. 2 New Barn (Reserved)
31. 3 New Barn


“Hillfield Village sits in a sheltered valley with its own microclimate, so there’s a wonderful diversity of plants here, from flora and evergreen to 300-year-old beech trees, plus an amazing 270° view of the surrounding countryside."


- Mark Watkins, Director, Fine Gardening Services